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Barkhayot Juraev

Software Engineer, Game Developer
South Korea, Seoul

About Me :

Passionate Software Engineer with 3+ years of experience and strong skills in Backend Development. Proficient in learning new technologies, designing modules, and integrating APIs. Always ready to share knowledge with others and learn from them. Demonstrated success in delivering high-quality, scalable solutions within tight deadlines. Committed to continuous improvement and staying current with industry trends.

Neulpum Maru ((주)늘품마루), Seoul — Software Engineer 03/ 2023 - 12/ 2023

- Implemented data scraping mechanisms using Python and web scraping techniques to gather filtered data
- Developed backend services using Django to handle data processing, business logic, and API integrations
- Utilized AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDBMS for deploying, managing, and scaling the system infrastructure
- Build a message system that enables customers to place orders directly within the online store
- Implemented CSM system by distributing multiple services and integrating background workers using Celery and Redis
- Optimize system performance through database query analysis, improving response times

DigitalEntertainment (디지엔터테인먼트), Daegu — Backend Engineer 03/ 2023 - 06/ 2023

- Developed an AI chat bot application using the OpenAI Chat GPT API
- Created a connection between users and the Chat GPT model using JavaScript technology
- Customized the GPT model to respond as various famous characters, providing engaging and immersive interactions
- Integrated the application as part of a metaverse app, enhancing user experience within the virtual world
- Implemented user communication features, allowing users to interact with the chat bot and seamlessly communicate within the application

PapaMarket (미스터아빠), Seoul — Software Engineer 06/ 2022 - 03/ 2023

- Designed and Implemented a scalable Order Demand Forecasting system using Python, Django, PostgreSQL and real-time data integration for improved predictions
- Developed microservices for Warehouse Management System, reducing Fresh Team workload by 30% and implementing real-time product quantity tracking using variuos technologies
- Implemented a Middle Server System using Python and Java for collecting and storing order data from multiple channel sources for reporting and analytics
- Built internal services for automation, data fetching, web scraping and data parsing for various teams using Python and JavaScript technologies
- Implemented CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, improving development team productivity and enabling faster and more frequent releases

Keimyung University, Daegu — Backend Developer 03/ 2021 - 05/ 2022

- Developed (HelpMeUp) Social Platform by bringing several services to solve problems of students during their semesters.
- Built NoteTaker, LinkSaver, DataTracker, BlogPoster and more services by using Django, Django REST and JavaScript technologies.
- Applied monolith design architecture and built RESTful APIs by storing relational data to SQL Database and AWS cloud.
- Developed and maintained 10+ web applications (Mcdonalds Food Order Clone, Chat Application, Twitter Clone, E-Commerce Store and Barkhayot Personal WebPage) by using Python and Go programming languages
- Built Clone of the Student Management System of University by bringing more soluble solutions to the system.
- Created CRUD based RESTful APIs with JWT authentication methods by using Gin Framework of Golang. Applied SQL queries to the system to make application much scalable and faster.

Keimyung University, Daegu — Game Developer 11/ 2020 - 02/2021

- Part-time employment as Game Developer at Keimyung University for Game Development Based Company.
- Created first Digital Prototype of Board Game ( Electropolis ) by using C# language on Unity Game Platform.
- Developed first UI and Game Setting parts by changing logic of game to be more flexible and dynamic for players and users.
- Brought more understable game logic and playing system by dividing game to several sections.
- Tested Game products on Android, IOS and WEB platforms by fixing exact bugs.
- Achieved submission of production ready Game Product before deadline to UI Design Team.

Keimyung University, Daegu — Mentor 11/ 2020 - 12/2020

Helped to teach students to code for Game Development and got great experience of teaching. Improved Communication Skills with Korean Community.


Keimyung University, Daegu — Computer Science 03/ 2020 - 02/2024

- Machine Learning & AI for Game Development
- Networking & IoT & Data Communication
- Mobile & Web Development
- 3D Graphics & Advanced Game Development
- Motion Based Game Development & Modeling 3D Assets
- Startup & Business Development

Technical skills

Languages : Python, Go, JavaScript, SQL
Frameworks : FastAPI, Flask, Django, Fiber, Gin
Databases : PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite3, Clickhouse, MongoDB
Other : Docker, Kafka, Jenkins, AWS, Grafana, Git, Linux, Unit Testing


English : Fluent
Korean : Working Proficiency
Russian : Fluent
Uzbek : Native

Contact Info :

Email : [email protected]
Telegram : @barkhayot